Introducing the Protegrity Partner Network

February 17, 2021
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Today marks an important milestone for Protegrity, as we expand our commitment to our valued partners with the launch of the Protegrity Partner Network. As a foundational pillar of Protegrity’s growth and transformation strategy, the new program enables choice, control, and confidence when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

This brand-new program has been uniquely tailored for Protegrity’s global ecosystem of partners, which includes technology providers, value-added resellers, hyperscalers, independent software and platform vendors, and system integrators. Our mission is to deliver world-class data protection to address a range of existing and emerging customer use cases, such as AI and machine learning, advanced analytics, and hybrid- and multi-cloud initiatives, including cloud data warehousing. According to recent research, on average, enterprises use 2.2 public and 2.2 private clouds. Protegrity’s expanding cloud-protection ecosystem enables partners to easily identify the security methods that best fit customers’ needs, so businesses can continue to innovate and embrace emerging technologies and new computing environments.

Partners are critical to expanding the value and reach of the Protegrity Data Protection Platform. Our partners work closely with Protegrity to implement data security, privacy, and AI industry best practices to meet customers’ data-protection requirements. Offering tiered benefits, the Protegrity Partner Network provides the resources and certifications necessary for joint customers to reap the benefits of our platform and combined partner solutions. By securing sensitive data with Protegrity, companies across a range of verticals--including financial services, healthcare, and retail--can push the boundaries of innovation, accelerate their digital transformation journeys, and significantly improve customer experiences.

Delivering on Our Commitment to Partners

Throughout this past year, Protegrity has been rapidly evolving to keep pace with the data security needs of modern businesses. During this journey, our partners have been instrumental in the success of our business. In return, we sought out to develop a robust partner program that addresses our various partners’ needs–both regionally and globally–to enable a more frictionless partner experience.  

The Protegrity Partner Network offers our partner ecosystem simplicity, protection, and go-to-market support to ensure the greatest value and most seamless experience for our mutual customers. For example, our new Partner Portal provides streamlined access to all resources, including sales enablement and marketing materials, so partners can get educated about Protegrity and the data-security industry overall. We also deliver increased discounts, more predictable deal margins, and enhanced protection and incentives to drive net-new sales. Finally, we have enabled new mechanisms to deliver joint marketing tools for targeted campaigns and other go-to-market support.

For the first time, we’ve also introduced certifications for partners across sales, presales, and delivery functions. Our effective deal registration process is designed to increase incentives and opportunities for protection.  

Protegrity Partner Network: Maximizing Value for Mutual Customers

From our innovative technology to the way we do business, we at Protegrity strive to simplify the complexity of data protection. Customers are increasingly choosing Protegrity to protect their data, whether that data is on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a hybrid-cloud environment. With the launch of the Protegrity Partner Network, we look forward to working closely with partners to address the increasing customer demands for advanced data-security and privacy solutions.

For a detailed overview of the Protegrity Partner Network tiers and certification options, read the press release and the Partner Network Guide. Also, to become a partner, visit the Partner page on the Protegrity web site.

Here’s what our valued partners are already saying:

Ricardo Arriaga, Head of Channel and Technology Partners, Exasol

"Exasol’s analytics database enables customers to reduce time to insight and get true value from their data as fast as they need it. By combining the power of Exasol with Protegrity’s data protection technology, which keeps data safe regardless of deployment option—on premise, in hybrid environments, on in the cloud—customers can continue to focus on data-driven insights without worrying or slowing down. Protegrity’s new partner portal will contribute in levelling up our joint game in engaging with more customers to help them on their data-driven journeys.”

Mr. Thanh, Chairman, Misoft

“Misoft has been the first company wholly focusing in cybersecurity solutions since 2001. The rise of digitalization, the adoption of cloud solutions, modern technologies and data platforms in many leading Vietnamese companies have driven the need to improve data protection at the enterprise level. Protegrity’s Privacy Protect, AI Protect, and Cloud Protect solutions are the perfect match to address these requirements for our customers and we are excited to represent Protegrity for the Vietnam markets.

Matt Fuller, Co-founder and VP of Product, Starburst

“Data driven organizations depend on Starburst to query petabytes of data everywhere and do it in a highly scalable and secure way. The combination of Protegrity’s advanced data-protection and Starburst, enables our customers fast access to all their data without compromising security and governance at scale.”

Lonnie Buchanan, Chief Architect and Executive Security Director, Veracity Solutions

“In a day and age where successful engagements move at the ‘speed of business,’ selecting the right partner is one of the most critical steps a modern organization can take. Strategic alignment, common values, and mutual interests make up the main elements of an effective collaboration. We are extremely happy to find a partner like Protegrity that shares the same vision and goals of bringing successful solutions to our clients. I look forward to possibilities that we will achieve together.”

Allen Holmes, VP Business Development, Yellowbrick

“Data security is of upmost concern for all of our customers, including those with data sovereignty, sensitive data, or data-privacy needs. Our partnership with Protegrity means we can offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge security solution that works easily and seamlessly with the Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud data warehouse. As we look to the future and plan for even more sophisticated and real-time analytics solutions for our customers, our partnership with Protegrity will become even more critical."