Nov 11, 2020


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  • Protegrity has released v8 of its Protegrity Data Protection Platform.
  • New capabilities of v8 include data-security enhancements for hybrid-cloud environments and containerization, anonymization APIs to secure sensitive information, fine-grained encryption for sensitive data stored in cloud-native databases, and security automation.

The number eight has historical and cultural significance. For many people, it heralds new beginnings and a bright future. At Protegrity, we certainly see the eighth version of our Protegrity Data Protection Platform as a new beginning and opportunity to help our customers succeed.

The new—and, yes, improved—version of the Protegrity Data Protection Platform (v8) is the culmination of our understanding of a data-security industry that we largely created and continue to shape. It’s the latest iteration of technology that was developed through numerous collaborations with our customers. It’s the realization of us addressing their specific data-security concerns in an age when an enterprise’s customers fiercely value the privacy of information and regulations enshrine those expectations.

V8 gives enterprises the confidence to secure sensitive data no matter where it is: across cloud environments or in on-premises technologies, or both. It has new capabilities that protect sensitive data as it moves through the many stations of the data economy and are worth highlighting—including anonymization of data used for AI and protection for data used in containers.


For all of us at Protegrity, there’s a defining characteristic of v8 that will undoubtedly appeal to our customers: More so than other platform iterations, v8 extends control and choice to organizations. Each one of our customers can choose a data-centric security strategy that meets its own needs and regulatory expectations. Other platforms try a one-size-fits-all approach to data security, but conflicting rules from different technologies creates confusion about policies and thus opens gaps in data protection.

Our platform offers a singular view of all enterprise data—on-premises, in the cloud or in a SaaS application—so that it can be effectively managed and secured, freeing organizations to charge ahead in the data economy because they’re in control of specific policies that meet stringent compliance and increasing customer demands for data privacy.

Too often, data protection policy enforcement stifles the pace of innovation with AI and creates time-consuming barriers that diminish customer experience and businesses’ abilities to pivot quickly at a time when nimbleness often defines success. Enterprises that try to run their data protection through disparate systems need even more resources to manage these systems. Also, enterprises are often stymied by their own governance teams that won’t let sensitive data out of their vaults, slowing the pace of data-driven innovation, machine learning, and AI.


The control and choices offered by v8 form a direct line of protection between our platform and our customers’ data-security needs. The new capabilities of v8, coupled with the technologies that have long served as the backbone of our platform, help organizations uphold privacy across the board and align with evolving global data regulations. We don’t believe that “good enough” data protection is adequate for digital businesses. What we do believe is that standardizing security across applications and databases allows enterprises to avoid risk to their brand and gives them ample confidence to run data through AI models and other cloud-based technologies that will shape the future of business. Digital transformation can come only through data security.

We also listened intently to our enterprise customers and made significant investments in monitoring, upgrade and platform administration. Coupled with our new investments in customer success, support, and training, these new capabilities will allow us to continue to lead the data security market with our world-class approach to supporting our customers.


The new and improved capabilities found in v8 include data-security enhancements for hybrid-cloud environments and containerization, as well as anonymization APIs to secure sensitive information residing in analytics systems. Here’s a quick peek at what’s under the hood:

  • Data protection for containerization, supporting Docker container delivery and Kubernetes deployments, as well as our Data Security Gateway (DSG) autoscaling in Kubernetes on all three major public clouds: AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Enhancements to our Data Discovery Product so that enterprises can search, find and identify sensitive data both on premises and in hybrid cloud, as well as new “out of the box” data store drivers, including MySQL, Postgres, and Exasol.
  • Anonymization APIs that allow our customers to benefit from the full protection of sensitive data, safeguarding their shift to AI-supported initiatives, such as analytics and AI modelling outside of the enterprise, as well as the opportunity to monetize data to third-party data-sharing marketplaces.
  • Fine-grained encryption for sensitive data stored in cloud-native databases, via integrations with Snowflake and AWS Redshift.
  • Security automation that quickens the speed with which enterprises can deploy, manage, and integrate Protegrity data protection through DevOps programming interfaces.

For more than two decades, we have delivered granular protection for the most sensitive enterprise data of the largest brands on the planet. Throughout our journey, we’ve kept pace with an ever-changing technology industry, always adapting to meet the needs of customers and partners. V8 is yet another milestone on that journey. But we’re not done, and, in fact, we’re only getting started with the New Protegrity. We’ll continue to listen to our customers and partners, understand their industries and marketplaces, and keep creating data protection capabilities that are tailor-made for an enterprise, no matter the industry.

Protegrity is a reimagined, innovation-driven company built atop a rock-solid foundation. Our expanding cloud-protection ecosystem gives your enterprise the ability to deploy the security methods that best fit your needs, so you can embrace emerging technologies and new computing environments without slowing the speed of innovation. Our mission is to protect the world’s most sensitive data. We have always represented enterprise class data protection, and as the world moves towards the Secure AI Era, we want to lead the way for our customers to unleash the power of secure data while enjoying ubiquitous data protection of all their sensitive data.

The number eight is indeed a sign of new beginnings here at Protegrity, and v8 of our Data Protection Platform will allow the planet to have comfort that their most private data is fully protected.

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