What Snowflake’s Landmark IPO Means for Data Security

September 16, 2020
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Today marks an important milestone for the cloud computing era, with the initial public offering of Snowflake, the cloud data platform. With its historic IPO, Snowflake has created a new standard for what a SaaS company can achieve, as well as setting the bar for future startups and their trajectory to fundraising, valuation, and business growth.

Reimagining the Data Warehouse

While the concept of the data warehouse is not new, Snowflake’s success is in simplifying the set-up, use, and management of a data warehouse built from the ground up, specifically for modern cloud environments.

Snowflake’s unique approach to separating storage and compute is revolutionary in the value it delivers to customers. It’s not just a “pay-for-what-you-use” solution that doesn’t provide value in idle times. Instead, customers get the simplicity of shared-disk architecture and the scale-out benefit of a shared-nothing architecture—all in one solution.

Snowflake nailed the user experience and makes it easy for customers to gain value, without having to worry about back-end issues that routinely slow innovative analytics projects. It’s highly flexible and can run on any major cloud. With a strong focus on SQL as an engine, Snowflake’s capabilities are available to the world’s most popular language for interacting with data.

Data Security at the Speed of Modern Business

Businesses are clearly understanding the immense potential of Snowflake for data-driven transformation. However, data security continues to be a risk factor for global enterprises in all industries. With the planet working and living online, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the creation of sensitive data combined with an increase in businesses deploying machine learning and AI to drive innovation.

That’s why Snowflake is a valued strategic partner of Protegrity. Our partnership and the technology integration of our platforms, announced earlier this year, gives Snowflake users the ability to leverage Protegrity’s industry-leading data protection platform. With our seamless integration, customers can utilize Protegrity to protect data integrated with Snowflake’s managed cloud data warehouse. Now, businesses can focus on delivering innovation instead of worrying about the management of data security. This partnership strategy has created a unique opportunity to secure Snowflake’s platform at the data level and help enterprises unlock analytics value, while keeping data protected every step of the way.

In the days ahead, we look forward to helping companies accelerate the use of data to transform their business, while ensuring sensitive data is protected wherever it resides at rest, in motion, and in use.

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