Protegrity protects the data itself.
at rest. in motion. in use. everywhere.

Protegrity protects data.
Our comprehensive range of methods enable you to unlock your data and bring it to life..

Industry solutions

Financial services

Global financial service enterprises such as banks and insurance companies and growing fintechs count on Protegrity to protect their sensitive data wherever it resides or travels in their ecosystem: on-premises and across multiple cloud environments. With Protegrity’s end-to-end data protection solutions, you can streamline cloud data migrations, meet PCI DSS and NACHA compliance requirements, and maximize the value of your sensitive data while reducing risk.


retail & e-commerce

With Protegrity’s end-to-end data protection solutions, retailers can protect customer and employee data, streamline data in the cloud, and meet PCI DSS and regulatory compliance requirements. The Protegrity Platform allows authorized, role-based access to leverage your data with Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning initiatives. Rapidly adapt to market changes and improve your organization’s ability to scale with Protegrity.



Healthcare organizations can fill in some of the missing gaps of their data protection strategy with Protegrity’s full range of healthcare data protection solutions. With Protegrity’s end-to-end data privacy solutions, you can protect PHI and comply with HIPAA, while allowing authorized, role-based access to your data with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning analytics. Wherever you are with your data security strategy, Protegrity has the solution for you.


Use Cases

Cross-Border Privacy Automation

Free your data to cross borders while remaining secure, compliant and auditable with Protegrity's data protection solutions. Our one-time integration allows data owners to comprehensively implement our platform and begin securing data at the data level. Learn more here.

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Data Privacy

Your customers and employees trust you with their data. Safeguard their trust with Protegrity.

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Analytics Security

Data protection should operate at the speed of your business, especially when it comes to tapping the potential of secure data to advance AI.

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HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance

Achieve HIPAA and total regulatory compliance in healthcare with Protegrity’s data privacy protection solutions.

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Secure Cloud Migration

The cloud liberates your enterprise. Protegrity liberates your data in the cloud.

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