Protegrity Partners With Servian, Expanding Global Reach in Australia and New Zealand

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December 2, 2020
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SALT LAKE CITY – Dec. 2, 2020 – Protegrity, the data-security solutions provider, has partnered with Servian, one of Australia’s leading IT consultancies, to deliver effective data protection to companies across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) that are implementing AI, analytics, customer engagement, and cloud solutions. A primary objective for Protegrity and Servian is securing data for companies using Snowflake, a cloud data platform provider and Protegrity partner. Snowflake has grown rapidly in the ANZ market and its partnership with Protegrity enables customers to deploy Protegrity's data de-identification technology to protect any data housed in Snowflake's managed cloud data warehouse. Servian and Protegrity will also work with joint customers to ensure compliance with evolving data privacy regulations and uphold the privacy of individuals while empowering companies to unlock the full potential of their data.

“Protegrity’s data protection offerings are closely aligned with our mission to enable customers to use data and analytics to further establish their competitive advantage,” said Tristan Sander, Partner at Servian. “We look forward to working with Protegrity to deliver market-leading data security solutions to our customers.”

Protegrity has witnessed a growing demand for data security solutions in ANZ as companies in the region have become increasingly mindful of how they manage their data and comply with GDPR and other codified expectations – including the Australian Privacy Principles Act and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules(CBPR) – to protect customer privacy. The prominent expansion of Snowflake inANZ has also contributed to Protegrity’s visibility in the region. Protegrity for Snowflake provides the control businesses need to protect data in the cloud beyond encryption and data masking. With Protegrity's format-preserving data protection, data and analytics professionals can perform analytics directly on de-identified data without having to unprotect or “re-identify” the data.  

“We’ve seen an increasing demand from companies in the ANZ region who are implementing AI, analytics, and cloud technologies,” said Protegrity President and CEO Rick Farnell. “Protegrity is purpose-built for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments and our proven data-protection capabilities enable businesses to extract intelligence-driven insights from their most sensitive data and deliver better customer experiences. Together, Protegrity, Servian, and Snowflake are embarking on a journey to safely accelerate the democratization of data, allowing our mutual customers to further their innovation while protecting sensitive data – no matter where it resides.”

Register today for an on-demand webinar with Protegrity, Servian, and Snowflake to learn how this partnership gives companies the confidence to use and share data across business lines while reducing the risk of breaches of sensitive data.

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