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15 min readApr 19, 2023

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Don't let cross-border regulations slow you down. Empower global business with Borderless Data™.  Discover the 'why' and the 'how' with our eBook today.

Working with Protegrity since 2017, Aflac has relied on the sensitive data protection capabilities provided by Protegrity’s platform and workflows. Aflac’s sensitive data required state and federal-compliant protection to meet government regulations and guidelines while retaining the ability to move to and from the cloud. 

Collaborating with AWS, Snowflake, and Protegrity, Aflac was able to meet regulatory requirements while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.  

Protegrity’s collaborative partnerships and integrations make persistent data protection possible while preserving data values and accessibility. Reducing costs, improving customer experiences, increasing revenue, and boosting productivity are all possible with the Protegrity Platform. 

What can you learn?

  • Explore Common Data Security Challenges: Insurance providers and a myriad of other organizations experience data security challenges while transferring data to cloud warehouses.
  • Scope Out Protegrity’s Partnerships and Integrations: Choosing a data protection platform that seamlessly integrates with cloud computing platforms and warehouses is crucial to business operations.
  • Analyze Data Protection Solutions: Having the right solution for your data transfers unlocks evergreen business opportunities. Your data protection solution should account for integrations, versatile data protection methods, persistent protection, and levels of accessibility.
  • Discover the Value: Collaborative partnerships offer significant business and technical value, impacting the operation, productivity, and costs for your entire corporation. 
  • See the Impact: Collaborating with cloud partners, unlocking protected access, complying with regulatory requirements, and processing large Snowflake workflows drives multi-faceted impacts, resulting in reduced risks and significant revenue growth.

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