Protegrity and Exasol extend partnership, enabling customers to take advantage of today’s rapidly evolving API economy

Jul 26, 2023


Integration with Protegrity’s Application Protector REST API enhances Exasol’s data protection capabilities and enables support for multi-cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments, providing customers with the most advanced and comprehensive data protection capabilities

LONDON, UK – 26th July 2023 – Protegrity, a global leader in data security and privacy, announced today that it has extended its partnership with Exasol, the no-compromise analytics database. This includes certification and integration with Protegrity’s Application Protector REST API, a state-of-the-art data security solution. The new integration will offer customers a level of data interoperability, flexibility, and enhanced data protection capabilities which is unrivalled in the market.

Protegrity’s REST API enables Exasol to take advantage of the constantly evolving API economy, allowing organisations to use APIs flexibly as they connect between platforms and applications, supporting true data interoperability. Protegrity’s REST API architecture also allows organisations to connect to legacy applications, and its interoperability assists in managing cross-border data flows. Anyone using an API can now deliver a cross-border data flow in a compliant, scalable, secure, and auditable manner.

Protegrity’s REST API separates protection of the data processing, which can be undertaken either on-premises or in a cloud environment. By leveraging the power of REST API, Exasol users can benefit from a secure and standardised approach to protect their data assets with comprehensive data protection capabilities, including data masking, encryption, tokenisation, and fine-grained access controls.

The successful partnership between the two organisations spans more than five years and has enabled customers to confidently run analytics against sensitive and private data securely and at scale.

Today organisations rely on data-driven decision making, but many are hampered by concerns over managing data security and compliance requirements in their analytics workflow. The Protegrity and Exasol partnership has enabled customers to dispel those concerns and run analytics securely, enabling quick deployment, minimising disruption without impacting query response times or data processing capabilities. Now with modern technology constantly evolving, Exasol can support whatever use cases or systems its customers are deploying, offering a seamless and robust solution for safeguarding sensitive data within its database environment. Likewise, Protegrity can support any vendor deployed in the Cloud looking to utilise its REST API.

Commenting on the partnership, Terri Snell, VP Global Alliances, Protegrity says: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Exasol, where we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years. As data privacy regulations continue to evolve at pace, through the partnership with Protegrity, Exasol can provide customers with advanced tokenisation technology to identify, protect and analyse sensitive data faster than ever before.

“With this new integration, data is highly interchangeable between various systems, enabling the seamless interoperability of data and ensuring that system performance is enhanced and data is usable in whatever format is required.”

“We are thrilled that this new Protegrity REST API integration will be introduced to Exasol 8,” said Mathias Golombek, Chief Technology Officer at Exasol. “This latest integration represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive data protection capabilities while harnessing the full potential of their data. By leveraging Protegrity’s REST API, Exasol users can secure their sensitive data assets with ease and confidence in any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment.”

The Exasol-Protegrity integration with Application Protector REST API is available with the release of Exasol 7.1.21 and Exasol v8. Additionally, as Exasol deploys both existing and newer versions, these are automatically upgraded and updated via the REST API service, regardless of the version. For more information about Protegrity’s Application Protector REST API, please visit

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Protegrity is a global leader in data-centric security and privacy. With Protegrity’s Secure Data Service, organizations can secure their sensitive data wherever it is, control how it’s protected, and have confidence that it is safe, even if a breach occurs. Whether encrypting, tokenising, or applying privacy models, Protegrity delivers a first of its kind cross- border data protection service that offers all the tools necessary to reinstate business-critical cross-border data flows. Protegrity’s technology is cloud-agnostic, AI and machine learning-friendly and quantum resistant. Today, Protegrity protects the data of Fortune 1000 companies, including the top banks and health insurance providers, and the world’s leading multinational companies. For more information, visit

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Exasol is the no-compromise analytics database that provides increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility, redefining how businesses use data.

With 20x faster processing, Exasol provides insights in record time, empowering businesses to solve complex problems, become more data-driven and bring innovation to life. Exasol also delivers ROI of more than 300% with reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training fees, eliminating cost shock and vendor-lock in. With Exasol, businesses have flexibility to manage data the way they want – in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid – without rip-and-replace disruption.

Hundreds of global brands like T-Mobile, Revolut, and Allianz rely on Exasol to innovate, grow and win. Join them – try Exasol for free to experience what no-compromise can do for your organization.

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