Apr 3, 2020


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  • Protegrity (ESA) streamlines deployments and management by enhancing automation capabilities, improving audit/logs, and integrating with SIEMs and leading enterprise tools.
  • Secure Hybrid Cloud strategy expands protection services to all clouds and integrates with Kubernetes environments and managed databases.
  • Secure AI allows customers to protect sensitive information at the data level, anonymize datasets to the desired level of privacy, and enable innovation with advanced analytics brought forth by machine learning and other techniques.
  • Protegrity is committed to customer-focused approach, rolling out a customer advisory council to help shape the trajectory of Protegrity and building the best brand in security centered around customers.

Protegrity has at its core, a customer-first mission of creating and delivering the most comprehensive and reliable data security software possible. As the enterprise leader in security, we protect the privacy of millions of individuals – be they customers, patients or employees – with data de-identification and anonymization. Helping our customers do this is our top priority, especially as the world turns to rely even more heavily on digital solutions, digital engagement and remote working.


The Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA), is the command and control for our platform of protection services – allowing customers to control every corner of their enterprise. Based on customer feedback, this year, we will be further streamlining deployments and management of ESA by:

  • Building on the success of Policy API and extending it to cover operations across the Protegrity platform that would enhance capabilities to automate data security patterns
  • Improving audit/log generation and integration with SIEMs and leading enterprise tools


Our definition of ‘Secure Hybrid Cloud’ implies that protected data moves throughout customer’s on-premise architecture and one or more of the major clouds. Leading enterprises want choice and flexibility to securely deploy workloads where it makes sense. Protegrity software provides the foundation for our customers to deliver on their Secure Hybrid Cloud strategies. Many of our customers start on premise and expand to cloud and software as a service (SaaS) applications. Since our beginning, Protegrity has delivered on protecting our customer’s data, through data de-identification, it’s important that we expand our protection services to all clouds and adjust to the market accordingly:

  • We are increasing our investment and support for native AWS, Azure, GCP capabilities
  • On each cloud, we are integrating our software with the ubiquitous Kubernetes environments that deliver the ability to respond to changing workloads automatically – auto scaling
  • In addition to auto scaling, there is a new class of managed databases that Protegrity integrates with. These managed databases are typically easy to use and have built-in auto scaling. However, they don’t deliver on the ability to add data de-identification. Just as we became the leader in database encryption 15 years ago, we are leading the charge again with securing managed databases by enabling them to protect the privacy of individuals through data de-identification


Our customers realize that to have the freedom to innovate with their data and power machine learning, and artificial intelligence, they need to have secure data. Protegrity ensures that you can protect your sensitive information at the data level to enable growth, agility and business innovation that is otherwise impossible to achieve without tremendous risk and time-consuming processes. Through 2020, we want to allow your data to be used more widely and safely. To achieve this, we are:

  • Anonymizing your datasets to the level of privacy you request. In analytics environments, metrics-based anonymization enables you to specify the level of anonymization based on metrics. This powerful capability provides new defenses against bad actors attempting to re-identify data that you think has been adequately anonymized
  • Integrating metrics-based anonymization into the Protegrity platform. This delivers a key differentiator for our platform to enable a responsible and secure way to leverage all your data to innovate
  • Enabling innovation with advanced analytics brought forth by machine learning and other techniques that are being explored in many data science platforms


As discussed above, we are making major investments in R&D to make Protegrity software easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage. Another investment that we made in Q419 and Q120 was to streamline our global go to market organization. We are making it easy to engage with Protegrity and most importantly improving our customers’ time to value with our security software platform. We combined our best practices, training, services and support with our software subscription – we call this Protegrity Jumpstart Subscription.

In 16 weeks, we will have you up and running with our industry leading security software. This entire experience can be delivered remotely. Starting with our Insight Discovery workshop, we use our software to find sensitive data in your enterprise that might be candidates for your solution. After selecting a few use cases and locking in on the architecture patterns you select. From here, our team will engage with your team to implement our software into your environment showing you how to design, deploy, manage and monitor it. We will then integrate our customer success and support teams with your team to continually innovate with our platform and extend it to additional data assets and use cases across your enterprise.

As we navigate through this time of uncertainty, our customer-focused approach will be as important as ever; we are re-imagining all aspects of our business. We are rolling out a formal customer advisory council to help us shape the trajectory of Protegrity together with you, our customers. I’m honored to lead the best team in the industry and to provide security to some of the most innovative customers on the planet. Powered by Protegrity, the future is bright and safe.

To hear more about any of the areas discussed here, or to discuss our 2020 roadmap, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are committed to building the best brand in security and it is centered around you, our customers.

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