Unlocking the Potential of Secure Data to Fuel Innovation

May 27, 2020
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Migrating to a cloud computing platform, most experts agree, considerably increases the enterprise’s need for data security. Data of varying sensitivity—data that was once contained and maintained within a controlled environment—has now moved beyond the safe confines of a secure corporate firewall, in what is now known as the “perimeter-less enterprise.”   

In fact, the expansion of enterprise IT to include on-prem, cloud, BYOD mobile devices, and SaaS applications has forever changed the way data must be protected. What’s more, the increased use of analytics and other digital business strategies are driving some of this complexity. 

Today, many companies are adopting some combination of hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or multi-SaaS strategies, all of which offer enterprises agility, flexibility, and cost savings. They further offer businesses seeking operational resilience additional cyber-resilience by embracing the cloud for security.

In other words, all of these efforts to increase innovation, speed, and flexibility must be handled while keeping the business up and running. At the same time, taking advantage of elastic workloads, multi-zone computing, and multi-cloud strategies make it exponentially more difficult for adversaries and bad actors to wreak havoc. In the end, enterprises can’t have operational resilience without cyber-resilience. 

But moving to a public or hybrid cloud means that security issues can arise almost anywhere along the chain. And many of us believe that users shouldn’t abdicate their responsibilities in this regard, whether providers offer compliance or not. This creates a real cloud-computing challenge, especially with data access and policy management. To address that, Protegrity offers what we believe is best-in-class data-access and policy-management capabilities.   

Data-Protection Strategy

This acceleration to the perimeter-less enterprise requires securing data wherever it rests, travels, and is used. Protegrity works with customers and partners to ensure safe analytics through data security and privacy. We fundamentally believe that business can't fully innovate with data until they implement a modern data-protection strategy.

Protecting the perimeter and endpoints is solid security strategy when the data sits still, when its immobile. But today, data is found and needed in a myriad of places, many of which are not within the confines of the enterprise network’s perimeter. That’s why we believe in taking an inside-out, rather than an outside-in, approach: If the data itself is protected, it doesn’t matter where it lives. 

Our mission, therefore, is quite simple: We aim to unlock the potential of secure data to fuel innovation. But to successfully do this at scale we must take a position of neutrality and inclusion—one of cross-cloud and cross data store compatibility. We aim to be inclusive in our partnerships so we can help all enterprises, no matter where they store their data. With such openness, we hope to never hinder anyone's ability to onboard new technologies because we won’t—or don’t—support them.  

Data-Driven Enterprise

Forward-looking companies tend to seriously invest in the data-driven enterprise to capture the promise of new streams of revenue via business intelligence, AI, machine learning, and optimized operations resulting in an ever-more heterogenous technology environment. This results in an increasingly important requirement for Protegrity: Support of multi-cloud, multi-data-store, multi-SaaS, and other multi-deployment models. 

To that end, the Protegrity data-security platform manager is extensible and supports multiple environments from a single console, which creates efficiencies and scale that support innovation and transformation. We provide unmatched resilience for data security, integrity, and availability, all of which is critical to today’s businesses. We can enable innovation, in multi-cloud environments, by removing the barrier of data access that hobbles the enterprise’s analytics teams, while still ensuring customer privacy. 

In the end, it’s all about fulfilling our mission: To unlock the potential of secure data to fuel innovation—no matter where that data resides or how it is used.