Simplify GDPR Compliance with a Data-Centric Approach to Privacy by Design & by Default
Meet your organization’s GDPR obligations to protect personal data AND maintain its value and usability on premise, in the cloud and by third parties.

Protection of personal data is an organizational prerequisite globally, not just for regulatory compliance but also in exchange for loyalty from privacy-conscious customers.

In a market where customers are increasingly protective of their personal data, many brands consider privacy as a value that gives competitive advantage and primarily see compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation as a means to further trust and loyalty.

Data-driven brands are successfully meeting their privacy obligations and simplifying GDPR compliance by embracing fit for purpose tools and pseudonymization to protect personal information without consequence to digital ambition.

With a data protection by design and by default approach, the right balance between sophisticated data analysis and privacy can confidently be achieved.

Focused on GDPR Compliance

Harness the Power White Paper
Hitchhikers Guide to Privacy by Design

Compliantly Maximize Customer Trust and Success with Protegrity

  • Honour the data protection rights of individuals without compromising the value of their deidentified data.
  • Mitigate the GDPR’s breach notification requirements and penalties by protecting PII so that data no longer identifies the person to which it pertains to.
  • Confidently share data with third parties and cross border by deidentifying PII in a way that enables analysis.
  • Easily control access to PII by centrally enforcing data protection policies based on codes of conduct.

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