Enhancing Data Security in the Wake of Recent High-Profile Breaches 

By Tui Leauanae
Jul 5, 2024


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Recent high-profile breaches at Ticketmaster and Santander highlight the critical need for future-forward data protection measures. Check out Protegrity’s Snowflake integrations to take the first step forward in improving your data protection.

Recent high-profile breaches at Ticketmaster and Santander, attributed to the ShinyHunters group, have brought the critical need for robust data protection measures to the forefront. ShinyHunters, a notorious cybercriminal group known for stealing data from various organizations for financial gain, has demonstrated how vulnerabilities in third-party platforms can lead to significant data breaches. 

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Context and Background

  • What prompted the recent focus on data security issues? Recent high-profile breaches at Ticketmaster and Santander highlighted the critical need for robust data security measures. These incidents demonstrated how vulnerabilities in third-party platforms can lead to significant data breaches. (More information)
  • What happened in the Ticketmaster breach? In the Ticketmaster breach, attackers gained access to sensitive data through a compromised account. This breach exposed a significant amount of customer data, leading to widespread concerns about data security practices. (More information)
  • How did the Santander breach occur? The Santander breach involved unauthorized access to sensitive data through compromised credentials. This incident underscored the importance of protecting data itself, not just controlling access. (More information)

Introduction and Background 

  • What is the recent issue reported by Snowflake? Snowflake has reported increased cyber threat activity targeting customer accounts. This was not due to a vulnerability in Snowflake’s software but rather increased efforts by threat actors to exploit weaknesses in user account security. They have issued recommendations for monitoring unauthorized user access to mitigate these risks. (More information)
  • What were Snowflake’s key recommendations for mitigating unauthorized access? Snowflake suggested monitoring known threat IP sources, disabling suspicious accounts, resetting credentials, reviewing actions taken by suspicious accounts, and implementing network policies to restrict unauthorized access. (More information)
  • How does this issue impact Snowflake customers? Customers using Snowflake may face risks related to unauthorized access and potential data breaches, leading to compromised sensitive information and disrupted services. The use of third-party data processors by Snowflake customers can increase the attack surface, putting sensitive data at greater risk. (More information)

Data Protection Beyond Access Control 

  • How does Protegrity’s solution address these issues? Protegrity provides comprehensive data protection beyond access control, ensuring that sensitive data is protected even if unauthorized access occurs. This includes data encryption, tokenization, and masking. Access control and data masking are useful protection tools, but they proved insufficient in these breaches, highlighting the greater value of protecting the data itself.
  • What is the main advantage of Protegrity’s data protection approach? Protegrity’s approach focuses on protecting the data itself rather than just controlling access to it. This ensures that even if an attacker gains access, they cannot exploit the data.
  • How does Protegrity integrate with Snowflake? Protegrity integrates with Snowflake by providing data protection capabilities such as encryption and tokenization directly within the Snowflake environment. While Snowflake’s native protection is useful for certain data types, Protegrity offers a more comprehensive solution specifically designed to safeguard highly sensitive data. This ensures seamless security for your most critical information.

Specific Measures and Actions 

  • What specific Protegrity products can help mitigate the risks identified by Snowflake? Protegrity’s Data Protection Platform and Snowflake Protector are designed to safeguard sensitive data, providing encryption, tokenization, and access controls to prevent unauthorized data access and breaches.
  • How can Protegrity’s Data Protection Platform help in the context of the recent Snowflake incident? The platform can encrypt and tokenize sensitive data within Snowflake, ensuring that even if unauthorized access occurs, the data remains protected and unusable to the attacker.
  • What immediate actions should Snowflake customers take to enhance their data security with Protegrity? Customers should implement Protegrity’s data protection solutions, review and update their security policies, and ensure that their sensitive data is encrypted and tokenized within Snowflake.

Technical Integration and Implementation 

  • How does Protegrity’s technical integration with Snowflake work? Protegrity integrates with Snowflake through APIs and connectors, enabling seamless encryption and tokenization of data within the Snowflake environment without impacting performance or user experience.
  • What are the key technical benefits of using Protegrity with Snowflake? The key benefits include enhanced data security, compliance with regulatory requirements, and protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, all while maintaining the performance and usability of the Snowflake platform.
  • How does Protegrity ensure that its data protection measures do not impact Snowflake’s performance? Protegrity’s solutions are designed to work efficiently within the Snowflake environment, utilizing optimized encryption and tokenization techniques that minimize performance overhead and ensure seamless integration.

The recent cyber-attacks by groups like ShinyHunters have shown just how vulnerable our sensitive information can be, especially when using third-party data processors. By focusing on key principles like encryption, tokenization, and strong access controls, you can keep your valuable data safe from these threats. 

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Taking these steps will not only boost your security but also help you meet regulatory requirements and keep your data intact. Be proactive about your data protection to stay ahead of cyber threats. 

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