The Data Protection Platform

Our platform allows businesses to use data—including its application in advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI—to do great things without worrying about putting customers, employees, or intellectual property at risk.
Classify. Discover. Protect.
The Protegrity Data Protection Platform doesn't just secure data—it simultaneously classifies and discovers data while protecting it. You can't protect what you don't know you have. Our platform first classifies data, allowing users to categorize the type of data that can mostly be in the public domain. With those classifications established, the platform then leverages machine learning algorithms to discover that type of data. Classification and discovery finds the data that needs to be protected.
Charging Ahead
Whether encrypting, tokenizing, or applying privacy methods, the platform secures the data behind the many operational systems that drive the day-to-day functions of business, as well as the analytical systems behind decision-making, personalized customer experiences, and AI modeling. All of this propels businesses forward by giving you a competitive advantage over less savvy competitors.

We Protect It All

Consumer Data
Customer’s name, address, demographic information, email, preferences and personalized shopping information, shopping history, spending amounts, credit bureau information, and credit card number.
Customer Data
Customer’s name, address, demographic information, email, Social Security number, date of birth, and account history details.
Credit Card Data
Customer’s name, address, email, credit bureau information, credit card details, purchase history, and transactions details.
Employee Data
Employee’s name, address, demographic information, Social Security number, salary, family members’ names, performance reviews, and drug testing records.
IP & Trade Secrets
Product designs, market research, contractor information, analyses, data models, formulas, and information about future product release.
Financial Data
Customer’s name, address, email, credit bureau information, account value, Social Security number, bank account details, credit card numbers, and purchase or withdrawal history.
No Boundaries
We secure sensitive data wherever it is and whatever it is—in the cloud or on-premises; at rest or in use—so it can be leveraged across the enterprise by front-line employees, analytics teams, and anyone who needs information to make business decisions. Data knows no boundaries, nor should data protection.

What Makes Our Platform Special?


Our Data-Protection Methods

We put our customers in the best possible position to choose how they want to protect their data and make it private. Thanks to the centralized management and transparency of our platform—a "single pane of glass"—teams can see where data resides and what its purpose is. Unlike other data-protection platforms, the Protegrity Data Protection Platform clarifies the state of data so organizations can choose how to protect it and keep it private using the full range of methods from basic monitoring and dynamic data masking to highly secure vaultless tokenization.

Pseudonymization: Encryption and Tokenization

With the Protegrity Data Protection Platform, customers can replace information fields with artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms—an ideal way to protect operational and transactional data. Pseudonymizing aspects of personal information allows, for instance, a customer service representative to see a customer’s name and address but not her Social Security number.

To pseudonymize data, the platform can either encrypt the data—using mathematical algorithms and cryptographic keys to change data into binary cyphertext—or apply Protegrity’s vaultless tokenization method (PVT), which converts cleartext data into a random string of characters.
Anonymization: Irreversibly Protected
Organizations might further want to anonymize data for a variety of reasons, especially to participate in data exchanges and marketplaces where data can be shared and monetized. Anonymization allows the data to be irreversibly protected. When companies want to share privately company-to-company or with SAAS systems, such as Workday or Salesforce, such irreversible protection methods might be required.  No matter how you choose to protect your data, no matter how you choose to make it private, the Protegrity Data Protection Platform ensures that data can be used exactly the way you want and safeguards it from those who shouldn’t see it.

The Protegrity Difference

Five Ways Our Data Protection Platform Stands Apart
Monitoring for Greater Transparency
Constant audit logging, reporting, and SEIM integration monitors sensitive data use in cloud environments, and it automatically builds regulatory compliance reports in hybrid-cloud environments, saving security professionals' time.
Performant Enterprise-Wide Data Protection
We secure sensitive data to empower businesses to innovate. Our platform has been performance-tuned over decades to be embedded in customers’ most important databases and systems, including transactional, operational, and analytical production systems. Data protection doesn’t have to come at the cost of decreased productivity, delayed business operations, or frustration when accessing de-identified data.
Secure Digital Transformation
When you know sensitive data is secured—and therefore employees’ and customers’ privacy is preserved—you are empowered to leverage that data to advance business agility initiatives that are critical in today’s evolving global digital economy. Strategic-imperative projects depend on intelligence-driven decision-making to inform risk management, customer acquisition and retention, and marketing and sales optimization, to name a few.
A Proven Track Record of Excellence and Expertise
When you engage Protegrity, you are getting help from recognized experts with more than two decades of experience innovating in an industry we largely shaped. Our employees created superior encryption, tokenization, and anonymization technologies, and we continue to refine our platform and solutions by listening to customers, sizing up the industry, and developing new ways to secure data.
Our Customers and Coverage Say It All
The Fortune 100 businesses and brands that seek our help trust us with their data-protection needs because they believe our commitment to exceptional technology and customer focus is unparalleled. Top global financial services, banks, retailers, insurers, and others rely on Protegrity to protect data in their most important databases and transactional and analytical production systems.

Our Three C's: Choice. Control. Confidence.

Protegrity gives you choice to protect data where and how you choose to use it, control over how data is protected enterprise-wide, and confidence that the data is secure even if a breach occurs. This allows you to leverage data—including its application in advanced analytics, machine learning and AI—to do great things without worrying about putting customers, employees, or intellectual property at risk.


Choose how and where to store your data. We provide comprehensive coverage across all systems and environments. You choose how and where to store the data, and we protect those data elements you deem sensitive.


With sensitive data proliferating, centralized administration of data-protection policies puts you in control, knowing you can create customized policies and consistently apply them across the enterprise. And, you can share and monetize data knowing it will remain secure.


Knowing data is protected where it resides with unparalleled data-protection technology empowers organizations to leverage data to deliver better customer experiences, and harness data for intelligence-driven decision-making.


Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This in-depth reference guide  will help  you take that first step. 


Our Platform Offers These Solutions

Privacy Protect

Protegrity Privacy Protect empowers businesses to activate and extract value from sensitive data and engenders trust by ensuring the privacy of customers and employees is always preserved.

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AI Protect

Protegrity AI Protect creates opportunities to harness the sensitive data that is proven to be most effective in activating advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI.

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Cloud Protect

Protegrity Cloud Protect advances data protection across cloud technologies so enterprises can safely rebuild their global infrastructure in the cloud.

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