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Empower innovation by securely enabling the use of sensitive data within the Databricks ecosystem. Explore our comprehensive data protection solutions tailored for Databricks below.


Protegrity + Databricks



Leverage Protegrity’s robust data security solutions to enhance your AI use cases on Databricks, ensuring sensitive data is protected while maximizing the potential of advanced analytics and machine learning.



Ensure regulatory compliance while leveraging Databricks for your data analytics needs, with Protegrity’s advanced data protection solutions designed to secure sensitive data and maintain compliance across diverse regulatory frameworks.



Enable access to protected data that aligns with the enterprise’s need for agile security and continuous development, leveraging Protegrity’s centralized policy management for consistent and robust data protection.

Customers Using Databricks + Protegrity

Discover how Protegrity enhances your AI initiatives on Databricks with real-time data protection solutions, enabling you to drive impactful business outcomes while maintaining robust security.

  • Protegrity provided a scalable data privacy solution for a multinational business solutions company. The solution secures sensitive data within Databricks environments, helping the company meet strict data privacy compliance standards and successfully pass a federal audit.
  • Driven by bank mergers and stringent regulatory compliance standards, Protegrity assisted one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States in enhancing its enterprise data protection standards. This was achieved by securing sensitive customer data in cloud data warehouse and AI workloads on Databricks, leveraging Spark and Hive for advanced analytics.
  • One of the top three healthcare payers in the United States leverages Protegrity for enterprise data security. Protegrity’s technology protects petabytes of database, development, test, and production data at rest and in transit, ensuring robust security for AI workloads using Databricks’ Spark and Hive services.

Simplify the management and enforcement of data protection across cloud-native and hybrid environments, while enabling data in the cloud.

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