Enhance security in databases with unparalleled performance and scalability

Organizations face an extraordinary challenge protecting sensitive data according to compliance mandates while also retaining accessibility and high performance.

The Protegrity Database Protector is a comprehensive security solution for most major databases utilized in the market today. It enables column level encryption, tokenization, masking, and monitoring in databases, storage, and backup systems, with policy-based access controls and auditing.

Proven Security

Organizations of all sizes rely on the Protegrity Database Protector to protect their databases and data warehouses, leveraging centrally controlled data security policy, keys, and auditing. Protegrity simplifies compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements, all while maintaining critical accessibility and transparency for infrastructure management and business insight.

DB Protector Diagram

Methods of Protection

Protegrity provides patented Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT), masking, strong encryption, data-type preserving encryption, and monitoring technologies to allow users to select a protection method that meets the particular needs of the sensitive data, database, and use case for maximum flexibility and transparency.

Performance and Scalability

Database Protector takes full advantage of the processing power offered by the database server and keeps machine cycles to a minimum, thus optimizing performance.

Cross Platform Support

Database Protector versions are available to protect sensitive data in a variety of databases and operating systems, types or versions. The Database Protector is compatible with all leading standard Linux, UNIX or Windows environments, as well as zSeries environments. Co-engineered, optimized Database Protectors are also available for Teradata Database or Oracle Exadata.



  • Enhance security for databases and data warehouses with simplified management and optimized performance
  • Protect data at rest, in use, and in transit with tokenization, encryption, or masking
  • Enable fine-grained, column-level data protection
  • Support multi-tenant use cases with row-level access controls
  • Utilize Separation of Duties with central policy management
  • Unify key management, auditing, alerting, and reporting

Protegrity Database Protector Data Sheet